Company Profile

Giuseppe Rilievo

– Business Name: SI.MA.R. Antincendio di Rilievo Giuseppe
– Business Address: Via Agostino Gioia, 178 – 70054 Giovinazzo (BA), Italia
– Email:
– Tel: +393471291815

SI.MA.R Antincendio was founded in South Italy by highly qualified staff. We have been operating, on the italian market, since 2015. Our purpose is to guarantee our customers
safety of all public and private areas. Today it operates in the field of fire prevention, obtaining considerable success, offering to the customers high and qualifying fire fighting
systems solutions. Always having a special attention to the environment, thanks to the highest quality of fire protection equipment. Our company offers and supply all types of fire
extinguishers on the market, guaranteeing the best price. We collaborate with the italian coorporation “ANACI – BAT” (National Association of condominium and property
administrators), offering advanced services.
Nothing is more precious than life. Be it your family, employees, friends or pets. Whether you have a business or a property, you should protect the lives of all of those that you’re
responsable for. Adeguate fire security and good prevention, can save lives and your property (home, office, industries….) from irreparable fire damage.
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